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Many American women are in charge of their family's routine health care. They take their children to see the doctor regularly, schedule checkups for their husbands and care for sick relatives. Many women, however, put themselves last and often do not seek care simply because they do not have health insurance.

Without insurance, women often cannot get the care they need, making everyday tasks more stressful. They often wait to see the doctor until their conditions have grown worse and may be more costly to treat. And even more women do not have insurance to help pay for prescriptions, making it more difficult to get medicines that could help prevent their conditions from getting worse.

Not having insurance should not get in the way of good health for America's mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Until quality health care is available to all Americans, there are programs to help uninsured Americans get access to the medicines prescribed by their doctors.

One such program is Pfizer Helpful Answers™ -- a family of programs that helps people without prescription coverage save on many Pfizer medicines, no matter their age or income. People with limited incomes may even qualify to get their Pfizer medicines for free.

Barbara Jean Salley, one of Pfizer Helpful Answers' more than two million members, says that "Pfizer's program has been a real blessing. Since this program came along, I am not as stressed about how I'm going to get my medicine and I feel better."

Helping to manage your family's health and well-being is important, but so is being able to take care of your own health - such as taking the medicines you need. Programs like Pfizer Helpful Answers can help bring medicines within reach for women who are used to putting their family's needs first. American women work hard to keep their families healthy. Now there are programs to help keep America's women healthy, too.